The Health benefits of Freekeh

What is freekeh?

Freekeh (pronounced free-kah) is made from wheat. It’s harvested when young before fully ripened (nicknamed the ‘green’ grain) and then roasted. It’s common in North African and Middle Eastern Cuisine and is gaining momentum here in the UK at present. 

What are the performance nutrition benefits? 

Freekeh is a low GI Carbohydrate, containing a good hit of fibre (12.9g per 100g). It also has a high protein content delivering 14.9g per 100g (marginally more than quinoa!).

A perfect option to include in a pre-workout meal or to refuel post-workout. It’s also a useful tool for vegans to increase the protein content of a meal.

Micronutrient-rich, it’s a good source of; iron, zinc and copper. 

How to use?

It has a rich, nutty texture and is cooked in the same way as pasta and rice. Pre-prepared Freekeh is now also available in supermarkets.

It’s versatile and can be added to a salad or soup at lunch.