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  • monthly column by James Collins
    Last month we looked at how to fuel your workout based on two key principles of Performance Nutrition – your goals and the physical demands of the training session.


  • March

    So in previous articles we’ve laid the foundations on how the World’s best use the Performance Nutrition principles to be on top of their game – now let’s get into some more detail on what can make the difference to you each day. The most important starting point is to sort what you are eating […]

  • February

    It’s February and thank goodness we’re passed the yearly circus of “New Year, New You”, followed by tales of ‘detox’. What doesn’t change, however, is the daily media outpouring of conflicting information for quick hits and surreptitious advertising, dressed as balanced journalism. In this column, I’m going to give you what I give to my elite level […]

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    “I need 5 recipes hishat are good for recovery and why, and I need them for tomorrow” That’s how it starts. That’s how the new content is put together for many magazines. I went through a stage where I regularly said yes to these requests. Sat down and put hours of work into giving some […]