New recipe collection

September 11, 2017

I’m really pleased to launch our second recipe collection in collaboration with leading sports chef Omar Meziane.

Collection 1 was great success with many of our recipes forming part of my nutrition and recipe hub on BBCGoodFood. After listening to all of your feedback, there are 3 key things that you wanted from collection 2:

1. Quick and easy recipe ideas

2. More evening meals with less ingredients (to reduce shopping and prep time)

3. The ability to ‘personalise’ depending on activity (e.g. adding carbohydrates)

It’s so easy to become stuck in old routine with nutrition; eating the same sandwich at lunch and preparing the same dinners after work – that’s why we wanted to create exciting new dishes, that can easily become an evening ‘go-to’. Each week we will be releasing a new recipe – each with different ways to prepare, to liven up your week.

The aim of all of our recipes is provide options to suit your needs around training and lifestyle. Some will contain more fuel from carbohydrates to support your training, whilst some will be higher in protein (and lower carbohydrates) to support muscle repair post-workout.

Week 1 are the delicious fish parcels – such a simple cooking method which is the perfect dinner early in the week, when you arrive home late from work or the gym: